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Enhance Your Child's Performance

Through our 1-1 & Group Tuition
We offer customized 1-1 & group tuitions for students in Year7 onwards
SUBJECTS : Maths, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Computer Science & Modern Languages
Taught by experienced teachers who are handpicked based on their performance
BYOM (Bring Your Own Material) - Our teachers have access to most common exam board textbooks, however Its parent’s responsibility to provide textbooks if we don’t have one for your chosen subject and exam board.
Teaching will be based on material provided by student/parents based on their exam board & specific topics of interest.
Classes are conducted using our secure student platform. Parents & Student can access teacher provided resources, class notes and past exams & scores in one place
Classes will be over zoom.
Our unique homework support is for students who don’t need a full tuition but need support only on few areas of their homework given by school (For example, if they need help on five questions out of 15 questions they got for homework)

We assign a teacher or university level student to help your child’s. The class will be recorded for access at a later point


All Subjects
4 PM - 8 PM
4 PM - 8 PM
4 PM - 8 PM
4 PM - 8 PM
04 PM - 8 PM
8 AM - 8 PM
8 AM - 8 PM


Per Class Per Hr
Variable fee based on teacher location (India or UK) - Starting from as little as £15 per hr. Contact for more details.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the fee for a 1-1 and group class?

Our fee starts from £15 per hr. Fee depends on subject, 1-1 or group class, teacher location and time slot. We will inform the actual fee after we receive the details from parent

Where are the teachers from?

We have experienced teachers from India and UK

How do teachers have access to my child’s exam board books?

Our teachers have access to most common exam board textbooks, however  Its parent’s responsibility to provide textbooks if we don’t have one for your chosen subject and exam board

Can parent have access to student portal?

We create one account per student. If a parent wishes to have access, they can use student’s access or use their email id to register for student account.

What to do If my child has doubt after a class ?

He/she can contact teacher via chat function on the student portal if it’s a small doubt. If they need more help, a separate lesson has to be scheduled. They can also access our homework support service for a fee

What is the fee structure for homework support?

Fee starts from £15 per hr but we charge in 30 mins slots. So, if a session takes only 20 mins, then £7.5 shall be paid (min 30 mins).

What data do you collect? Are you GDPR compliant?

We collect only basic details such as name, email id and age. We are GDPR compliant. We securely host the website and learning portal on industry best hosting servers. We will provide the information we keep on you when you request. We don’t store any payment card details on our website

I have other question

Please review our FAQ page ( or contact us via WhatsApp or fill the contact form at

Which exam boards do you cover?

We cover all major exam boards (AQA, OCR, Edexcel, CCEA,WJEC etc). Our experienced teachers can also tutor for other exam boards syllabus

How do you ensure that the teachers from India are familiar with our UK curriculum?

Our teachers in India are already teaching for students at same or higher academic level than UK. Moreover, our teachers take considerable time to prepare for every class so that the student gets best education in the class

What is student portal?

Its a virtual learning hub where all the resources, online quizzes and exams are available. This is our main platform for student-teacher interaction, doubts clarification and sharing notes etc. Our dashboards and reports facilitate to measure student’s progress over time and to identify areas where they need further support

How long is a class?

Each class is 1 hr. In case of 1-1, we can accommodate longer class duration if needed based on our teacher availability

How does a group class work?

We try to combine maximum of three students of same subject and exam board to offer a group class.

How do I book for homework support?

You will have to fill the enrolment form to register for account and then WhatsApp our customer care or book through the student portal with as much advance notice as possible. We will get back to you with a confirmation.

Where are you based?

We are UK registered company with our office in London

What is the cancellation policy?

Should you decide to stop the classes, you need to give one month notice



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