What resources/ material do you provide and how?

Each child gets login details to student portal where they can access all the resources such as work sheets, tracking sheets, links to audio/video files etc.  These are structured as per week numbers for ease of organizing. These sheets can be downloaded for offline practise and writing.

You will also be sent Telugu textbook as per your child’s level. This will be used for weekly homework and reference

Is there any minimum age limit to enrol ?

Recommended age to start is 5 years, children from 4 years can be considered but some additional help might be required from parent on some activities(writing, tracing etc)

What is the frequency and duration of the class?

Classes are weekly, duration of class is 55 mins

What is Fast Track?

Fast Track is for children over 11 years who are expected to learn faster and hence move the levels faster than the younger children. They will have condensed curriculum and will be moved quickly to next level, upon successful completion of the previous level

Where are the teachers based?

Our language teachers are based in India. Most of them with over 15 years of teaching experience at various top notch schools across India

How communicative are the teachers in English?

We carefully select teachers that have a good English fluency to speak in English when necessary, however most of the conversation happens in the language that you enrol your child for. This is to encourage more conversation(and hence the learning)  in the class

My preferred timeslot is not available

We will have new batches starting regularly. Please contact us through contact us page or by emailing He***@Fi***********.uk. We will inform if we can start a new batch at your preferred timeslot.

What data do you collect? Are you GDPR compliant?

We collect only basic details such as name, email id and age. We are GDPR compliant. We securely host the website and learning portal on industry best hosting servers. We will provide the information we keep on you when you request. We don’t store any payment card details on our website

How can I get more details?

We conduct regular parents information sessions and workshops. You can also watch our youtube videos to see example classes and other pre-recorded videos. Contact us anytime if you have questions or need more information

Is there a 24/7 customer service?

Yes, we offer 24/7 customer service. Just reach us through any of the contact options provided on our website

Are the classes online? If so, will they be recorded

Classes are conducted online in small groups. Classes are not recorded except for when a class is selected for quality checks and training purposes. Such recordings will be securely stored in our cloud and accessible only to management and teachers of First Language

How do I know what Level my child is?

We will provide guidance based on a pre-assessment

How should I pay the fee?

You will be provided our bank A/C details( in your local currency). You need to pay the fee in advance for each month via bank transfer.

Is there a trial class?

We conduct regular trial classes for FREE, check our upcoming trial class schedule on our website and register before the class gets fully booked.

What is the cancellation policy?

Should you decide to stop the classes, you need to give one month notice

My child can speak a bit/ has some basic proficiency , which level he/she would start?

A child will be assessed for all 4 skills (speaking, listening, reading and writing) and will be placed at appropriate level. Ideally a child who can speak but can’t write will be starting at Level 1

Is there a discount if I enrol more than 1 child?

No. We conduct the classes in small groups and maintain highest quality. The fee is commensurate to our service and is fixed irrespective of number of kids attending from a family

Are there holidays for the classes?

We aim to align our class schedule with the school calendar of your area. Generally there will be holidays to language classes when its school holidays. However, with different schools in different regions having their own school calendars, its not always possible to fully align. Please check our website or contact us for more details

Where are you based?

We are UK based company with presence around the world.

Contact us
Kemp House, 152 - 160 City Road, London EC1V 2NX


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